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Home Detox for Alcohol or Opiate dependence is for the client who prefers privacy or convenience. It is not for everyone.
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Alcohol Withdrawal Nausea and a Lack of Appetite

Alcohol Withdrawal Nausea and Lack of appetite:

Alcohol withdrawal can cause discomfort in many ways. One of the more uncomfortable sign or symptom of alcohol withdrawal is a lack of appetite accompanied by nausea. This symptom, by my experience is an indication of a serious dependence on the alcohol.

The lack of appetite accompanied by nausea indicates the stomach is not prepared to take in nourishment. The stomach lining may be eroded by the alcohol. The stomach lining is one of the first components of the body for the process of breaking down foods, if the stomach lining is absent or impaired, the body gives out a signal that it is not ready for food.

The double edge sword is that many persons with this problem continue to drink alcohol because the alcohol bathes the stomach lining and initially makes it feel better, but continued drinking means there is continued destruction of the stomach lining. It is advisable to seek medical attention at this point. Additionally, it is important to maintain fluids even if your appetite is poor or even if you are nauseated. Small sips of Gatorade, Powerade, Ginger Ale, or other mild liquids may assist in maintaining hydration.

Alcohol withdrawal nausea and lack of appetite:

Lack of appetite and nausea can be a very uncomfortable and distressing sign or symptom of alcohol withdrawal. Other signs or symptoms include:

· Anxiety, Restlessness, Irritability, and agitation.

· Tremor or shakiness, elevated heart rate, and elevate blood pressure.· Trouble sleeping, intense dreaming, nightmares

· Poor concentration, impaired memory and judement

Indications of a more severe withdrawal syndrome:

· Increased sensitivity to sound, light, and tactile sensations

· Hallucinations (See, Hear, or feel things not really there)

· Delusions, usually paranoid or persecutory

· Grand Mal Seizures; Tonic-clonic seizures.

· Hyperthermia or elevated fever

· Delirium with disorientation to time, other people, place, and the situation

Alcohol withdrawal nausea

Executive Home Detox provides a private in home detox for clients who cannot or will not access conventional treatment.


Alcohol Withdrawal Nausea