Private Home Detox for Alcohol and Opiate Dependence
Private, Comfortable, & Convenient

EHD is a high-end Concierge Level alcohol and drug home detox treatment program. Our treatment model is a necessity for many clients who recognize the benefits of medical supervision but will not or cannot access care at the usual hospitals or rehab programs.
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Alcohol Home Detox

An Alcohol Home Detox is safest when it is medically supervised and a nurse is available to assess the client on an ongoing basis.

Alcohol Home Detox is a serious medical concern. It is typically traced to a client’s genetic predisposition, social environment, and/or emotional state. No matter the cause, an expert clinical nurse will supervise a safe medical alcohol detox at home.

Opiate Home Detox

Opiate Home Detox has the potential to be extremely uncomfortable and often results in continued opiate use whether your use has been weeks, months or years. An opiate home detox can be orchestrated using a variety of medically-managed programs. One-to-one care is highly effective during opiate detox at home because of the agitation that may result. There is always comfort in knowing that an expert clinician is always on-site by your side 24/7 to comfort, diagnose and treat.

15 Step Home Detox Program

EHD offers a comprehensive 15-step home detox program for a better life away from alcohol and drug addiction. We are unique because we provide the drug detox at home under 24/7 supervision and care of a Registered Nurse. We also conduct sleep and nutrition assessments as well as early recovery education.

Our medical home detox programs are discreet, confidential, private and designed with your comfort in mind.



Alcohol and opiate home detox is for the client who prefers privacy, comfort, and convenience.
Private home detox is not for everyone. EHD respects the client’s privacy. Sorry, we don’t accept health insurance.